WBJEE 2014 Application Form

WBJEE 2014 Application Form details are given below.

WBJEE 2014 Application Form

Application has to filled up ONLINE at the portal of the Board, http://www.wbjeeb.nic.in.

Candidates need to visit the portal and CLICK the requisite link ONLINE APPLICATION WBJEE 2014 and thereafter will be directed to the actual application form. The form is interactive in nature and the fields required to be filled up are categorized in different sub-sections. Fields MUST be filled up as they are MANDATORY, otherwise the application will NOT get uploaded / submitted.

The application form is broadly categorized into: PERSONAL DETAILS & FEE PAYMENT DETAILS.

Candidates need to fill in the first part i.e. PERSONAL DETAILS and will thereafter be directed to FEE PAYMENT DETAILS. Filling up of fields will be interactive in nature. As soon as the cursor is taken to a certain field, a cursor tip MESSAGE will be shown to the candidate to assist in filling up. In case of difficulty, the HELP icon placed right next to the field will redirect the candidate to that section of the Brochure which deals with the filling up of the said field.

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